Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's Bitching!

Wow, I did as the Roman's did, and got my very own bitching blog, woo hoo, am I gonna have some fun now! All the things I ever wanted to say, but couldn't because apparently I'm in Polite Society Hell!
I'm an avid reader, and will basically glom anything that's put in front of me, but beware, my true love is Romantica! Yep Folks, I like my books steaming and sizzling, and all those nice things, so if you're under 18, I suggest you find yourself a youth club or somewhere else to hang out, cuz I don't want any trouble from your parents!
My favourite Romantica authors are Sarah Mccarty, Lora Leigh, Eve Vaughn, Ashleigh Raine, and Chey Mccray! There are many others, but I'm sure that I will mention them as time goes by! But for now, I'm gonna play with hubby, cuz it's way past my bedtime!