Thursday, May 26, 2005

Paris Is A Bust!! Sheesh!!

*Sob* we can't get a flight or a train to Paris that wont end up costing us over £600 ($1050) for just the journey there and back!! (The last time we were there we paid £99 ($173) each, so I refuse to fork over that much money just because it's a bank holiday!

I've told hubby that we cant justify spending that much money for a two night break, so we'll either end up in Amsterdam, or we'll book a proper holiday to either, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil Cuba or Dominican Republic, and go for a week next month.

I would love to go to Egypt, but I don't think hubby is too keen. He has visions of us getting kidnapped by fundamentalists. (trainspotter, yech!)

Can you believe we can get a package holiday to Egypt for just £225 ($394) per person? How fab is that!!

Hubby is still considering Cuba, I'll let you know where we decide to go once it's been booked!!

I know for sure that I dont want to go to Amsterdam, I'd rather stay home. After you've been to the red-light district, and marvelled at old women flashing their pussies at you in their respective windows, what's left?