Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Popular Search Phrases This Week…

Slut - I’m still trying to figure out how they got to my blog

How to maintain a hard-on – Ask my husband, that bad boy can go for hours… Unfortunately...

Blog, bad covers, changeling Press – Hmmm, I wonder what they were looking for…

Bitches available in indida – I have a feeling that’s supposed to say India, or is there something you’re not telling me

"ejaculate in my mouth" – I wondered how long it would be before I came across a sperm related search phrase

women who swallow cum – I’m glad to say, I’m not in that particular club

Triskelion Publishing rumors – Rumours? What rumours? Does anybody want to enlighten me?

karen swallow cum – She bloody well does not!

Fletchina Archer – She seems to google herself quite often, I can’t believe that it was a reader wanting to know more about her books. Sorry.

did cristiano ronaldo rape a girl – I don’t think he did, but he did get Wonder Boy Rooney sent off, the swine!

i want to ejaculate on my wife's face – And you’re on my blog because?

where to buy karen scott – Camden Market, I’m the girl wearing the luminous green fishnet stockings, balancing the tiara on her head, drinking Moet from the bottle.

Karen Scott and Bam – Seriously
honey, people are gonna start talking…

supersized cocks – Way-hey!!

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape consensual – An amazing number of people wanting to know about this case

huge penises for karen – What have they heard?

authors like diana palmer" – Cardboard uber alpha heroes, TSTL heroines, predictable plot devices? Nah, there’s no author quite like her.

Karen Scot Authors Behaving Badly – Lots of searches linking me to authors behaving like twats, I wonder why…

why do women love to be mean to another woman? – Welcome to Romanceland my friend…