Tuesday, October 03, 2006

You Just Can't Help Some People...

Remember that bint on the All About Romance list, who thought it was clever to publicly diss her editor? Well, she’s decided that e-books aren’t for her.

Check out this post:

Hmmm…. Is that a usual occurrence? Is it possible to write a book, and not sell even one copy? I think she writes for Extasy. I don’t buy much off them, I must admit, but I know plenty of people who do. I wonder why she’s not selling… *cough*

Anyway, Lynne Connolly, that great bastion of sense and sensibility weighs in with her thoughts:

Nicely said Lynne. Methinks Sarah Leigh Tomas started this writing gig for purely financial reasons. Nothing wrong with that, but being realistic helps. I can imagine that she read a few books and thought it would be an easy way to earn some money. Anybody with a lick of sense, knows that that aint the case.

Anyway, this was the actual post in response to Lynne’s, that made me stumble and wonder how the fuck she ever got published:

Is this woman for real? Can she be any more ignorant about the very industry she’s trying to break into?

Sooooo, either her book sucks great big hairy donkey balls, or the marketing isn’t up to scratch. Actually, I think it might be a bit of both. Unfortunately, as far as she’s concerned, the blame can be squarely laid at the door of e-books. That is basically what she’s implying isn’t it? I wonder if she’s ever considered the fact that perhaps her writing isn’t up to par?

Should she blame her publishers, or is the responsibility all hers?

Wanna know my personal opinion? (of course you do) Her writing sucks arse, and her attitude stinks. (Ooops, was I being a
mean girl?)

When I say her writing sucks arse, I can only go by the example on her
website. For the sake of free publicity for this struggling author go check it out, some of you may even like her style. Perhaps.

Methinks she seriously needs some kind of guidance, not only on how to write, but on how to conduct herself in the community that she’s trying to sell to.

My advice Ms Tomas?

Take some writing lessons
Join a decent crit group
Get advice from as many e-book authors as possible
Do the fucking research on e-book publishers
Stop slagging off your editor (in public)
Take your head out of your arse

And last but not least, stop bitching and moaning and write for fuck's sake.

Anybody else got any good advice for this struggling author? I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Really.