Sunday, July 08, 2007

Venus Williams Wins Wimbledon, And Hardly Anyone Applauds Her…

For any of you guys out there who watched the women’s final, did you notice that the crowd hardly clapped when Venus beat Bartoli? What was that about?

It’s all very well supporting the underdog, but what’s wrong with giving props to an unbelievable player, especially one who wasn’t expected to do anything this year?

This is why we Brits are so poor at every sport, our Support The Loser Attitude sucks great big hairy donkey balls.

Then again, there is the British obsession with blonde, lithe, ‘beautiful’ looking women tennis players. I still remember the poor response that Venus got when she played against Anna Kournikova all those years ago, Venus actually cried too.

The British crowd spent years supporting Anna based on her looks alone, even though it was quite obvious, that she was very average, as far as her tennis was concerned.

Come to think of it, neither Serena, or Venus get a good reception at the French Open either. The crowd over there don’t even pretend to be polite.


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