Monday, April 18, 2005

Michael Jackson: What Has Become Of Him?

As with most people round the world, I have been listening to details from the Michael Jackson child molestation case, and I’ve got to say, as a huge MJ fan, my faith is slowly but surely fading. If you’d have asked me two months ago, is Michael Jackson guilty, I would have said hell no, no way, not Michael Jackson, somebody as great as he is cannot have committed this most disgusting of crimes, nah not possible. Yet everyday there seems to be little tidbits of information that wear away at my belief in his innocence.

I’m at a loss to understand why a grown man prefers to be in the company of children, rather than adults. Once upon a time I would have trotted out the common line of ‘well ya know he’s trying to regain his childhood ‘, but is he? From my rose coloured glasses, I used to think that this explanation made perfect sense, but now I really have to question what my beliefs about this are. My sister and I have always been staunch Michael Jackson fans, and I used to always say, if I was his sister, I would make it my life’s work to protect him from all who wanted to hurt him, including if necessary, himself. The irony, is that perhaps it is us that needs protecting from him.

I don’t want him to be guilty of this crime. It probably sound s a little silly, but I would rather he was found guilty of murder, than be somebody who was capable of violating innocent children. Who says humans are logical creatures?

Whilst at university, we covered psychological profiling, and one of the groups of criminals we studied were indeed paedophiles. I’m not gonna go all amateur psychologist on you, but I remember that the one thing that stood out in my mind was that paedophiles come from all socio economic classes, and that many convicted paedophiles were respected members of the community.

I still remember tossing and turning for weeks after one particular lecture that dealt with a specific child molestation case. I don’t want to imagine, that somebody whom I have admired as long as I can remember, and indeed somebody who has provided the soundtrack to my life, could be guilty of a crime such as this. The memories of my life that I associate with certain songs of his, would be forever tainted with the knowledge of his misdeeds.

Somebody recently said to me, “Michael Jackson is either A-sexual, or he is a paedophile” God, I so want him to be A-sexual! Is he a genius done wrong, or a predator that’s been on the loose for too long, did he do those things? I’d like to think not, but as I said at the beginning of this blog, my faith is slowly but surely being worn away by the daily revelations from the trial. If he’s guilty, then he should burn in hell, but then, what if he isn’t?
What’s your opinion?