Monday, July 25, 2005

They Shot An Innocent Man… He Wasn’t A Suicide Bomber

I was really happy when I heard that the police had shot and killed one of the London Bombers, and even happier when I heard he’d been shot five times in the head. No I’m not blood thirsty, just an eye-for-an-eye kinda gal.

I was happy at least until I learned that he was totally innocent. He was a Brazilian man who’d been at a house that the police had been watching closely.

Apparently they followed him to Stockwell tube station, where they shouted for him to stop three times, but instead, he took off running, and jumped onto a train.

The police chased him, and proceeded to shoot him five times at blank-point range. They were under orders to shoot-to-kill suspected suicide bombers.

Unfortunately, this man wasn’t their guy. Sigh.

I'm not going to blame the marksman for his actions, he was always in a no-win situation.

The intelligence on the other hand was fatally flawed. How did they get it so wrong?

My heart goes out to his family.