Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday To The Queen...

Not bad for an eighty year old eh? (Photograph by Lord Snowdon)

The Changing face of the Queen

She was 80 years old on Friday. She still looks pretty good, although I suspect she would look better if she smiled more.

I often wonder if she ever feels trapped in her life. I would if I was her. Fancy being married to that horse's arse, Prince Phillip, and having at least two sons who are mad as ten badgers.

I sincerely hope Charles doesn't become king. I may have gotten over the fact that he's an unfaithful rat, who talks to plants, but envisaging Her Royal Horseness, Camilla, at his side as queen, is enough to make me lose my breakfast.

I'm not sure what my feelings are about the monarchy as a whole. Sometimes I think they are a burden this country can ill afford, but then I always get the argument that they're good for tourism.

I wonder though, do people come here just to see the royal family? They are a tourist attraction, certainly, but to what extent are they important to our tourism industry?

What do you guys think of the British royal family?