Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trinny and Susannah's, What Not To Wear...

I love this show for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Trinny and Susannah are hilariously frank, secondly, I think most of us are able to identify with a lot of the women on the show in terms of how we look at ourselves, and our bodies, and thirdly, there’s an underlining psychological message that in today’s cover-model-obsessed era, is really quite important.

It’s not always about changing who you are, or losing weight, it’s about feeling better about yourself, regardless of your size or shape, without going to extremes.

Clothes really do make a difference. Which is my excuse to The Tall Guy, every time I go on a mad and expensive shopping spree.

I haven’t watched the American version of this show, but I can’t imagine that it’s as good as the original. No offense to you Americans out there, but I’ve watched your version of
The Office. And it sucks great big hairy donkey balls.