Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fave Ebooks Evah? Go Vote!

If you read e-books, make haste and get yourself to AAR. They have a couple of mini-polls running until 29th October.

You just need to list, A, your top ten mainstream sexy books (e.g. Lisa Valdez’s Passion, Shannon McKenna’s, Standing In The Shadows, Alison Kent’s SG5 books, etc etc.)

B, your top ten erotic romance books, (e.g anything from Elloras Cave, and other erotic romance publishers, as well as authors like Cheryl Holt)

And C, your top ten fave e-books, regardless of whether or not they fall into the above categories. (erm, I think)

LLB wants more ballots, especially for the e-books poll, so go vote!!