Monday, December 04, 2006

Romance Stinks And You All Know It… Her (Paraphrased) Words Not Mine…

I came across this blog earlier today, and I thought this particular post was interesting enough to post snippets from it.

The Blogger starts by writing:

I think we all know of a few auithors who have gone haywire over a bad review or two, I’m sure we don’t have to name names now do we?

Anyway she goes on to talk about everybody’s fave reviewer Harriet Klausner. Methinks she’s not too fond of the greaty dame herself. Who is?

This bit had me a bit confused though:

I must admit, I’ve never seen anybody defending Harriet Klausner since I’ve been online, and I can’t think of any romance forum which would defend her so fastidiously. The woman is a crock, and I should think that most romance readers know this by now. The intelligent ones anyway.

This was the most interesting point that she had to make:

Even though, she’s obviously dissing the romance genre (yes she is) I gotta say, I agree with most of the above points. Although, I must also point out that, she’s obviously never been to an AAR message board. Those ladies are happy to rip you apart if they think your book stinks, best selling author or no. (g)

Apparently Stephanie Bond got ripped to bits by readers when she included a phone sex scene in her book, Too Hot To Sleep. Is that true? Did readers really go crazy over a little dirty talk on the phone? Surely not?

Anyway, the blogger writes:

The average romance reviewer is leery, if not downright frightened, of brave new ideas, such as phone sex? Hmmm I’m not sure if that statement is quite right. You’d think she’d know that the average reader is no longer all about keeping the bedroom door shut, and that phone sex is down right virtuous in comparison with some of the freaky shit that goes on in books these days.

She concludes:

I know I like to have a pop at romance authors for sport, but it kinda grates on my nerves when other people do it. I’m ornery like that.

As for winning over opponents, authors shouldn’t really care about what people from outside the genre think, but I think we all know by now that actually, they do care. A lot. Some have even gone to the length of
distancing themselves from the genre that made them famous in the first place. Ingrates.

Oh, by the way, the bit where the blogger talks about incestuous relationships within the romance genre, sounds remarkably like something I once posted on the AAR group list when I was feeling particularly feisty.

Just sayin.

Right, enough pontificating, I’m off to bed. Night all.