Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Bold And The Clueless...

You know, I’m continually amazed by how tunnel-visioned some people can be.

This comment caught my attention first thing this morning, whilst I was over at
Dear Author.

I thought it seemed a particularly strange reaction, seeing as the original blog post was so moderately written.

I knew something was amiss when his next post was this:

Then this assholic comment finally got me to react:

Lord, some people are truly blinkered.

Anyway, I responded, without using the word ‘fucktard’ once. I’m truly proud of that feat. Believe me, it was hugely tempting. Anyway, his comments get even more asinine than the ones prior:

How clueless can one person be? What he’s basically saying here is, that if an AA author chooses to write books about black people, they shouldn’t complain about where they are shelved.

This was one of his pearls of wisdom with regards to AA authors who weren’t happy with where they were being shelved:

Because it’s obviously as easy as that.

He also suggested that black authors should lie about what colour they are, if it bothers them so much.

Jesus. Effing. Christ.

*Head-desk, head-desk, head-desk.*