Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ahhhh At Last, An E-Book Publisher After My Own Heart...

"Manuscripts containing infidelity, abuse, addiction or other vile, disgusting behavior on the part of the two main characters will be rejected."

I laughed my tits off when I read this at Black Lyon Publishing (No, I've never heard of them either) because, in their other genre guidelines, you'll see that they use the word 'offensive' instead of 'vile'.

I think they'd originally written the above, then decided that possibly it sounded a little harsh and judgmental, so substituted the words. They just forgot to change the wording within their contemporary guideline.

I much prefer the way they've worded it here, it really drives home the point, dontcha think? *g*

Effing hilarious.

I wonder how long it'll take them before they catch their moderately un-PC language? Hehe...

Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for the link.