Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My Favourite Read of The Week

I’ve had another weak reading week. I read Camille Anthony’s ‘Wild in The City’ and ‘Fortrayn’s Forbidden Fling’, both of which I could have lived without. I also read Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker, which was very average, so much so in fact, that I struggled to finish it if I'm honest.
I’m in a reading funk, and in this mood, it’s hard for me to tolerate anything less than brilliant.

I got so fed up this week, that I turned to a couple of my favourite Sharon Sala books, The Way To Yesterday, and Sweet Baby. My interest in romance was then rejuvenated for about twenty seconds until I started reading Adrian J Matthews’, ‘The Ninth Wave’. Sheesh, that book was hard work, and I have absolutely no inclination to finish it.

With not many books to choose from, my read of the week goes to…. Drum roll please….. Snowflakes on The Sea, written by Linda Lael Miller in 1984. Here’s the blurb:

Girl Actress is Married to Boy Singer.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer’s marriage is threatened by a scheming she-devil who wants Boy Singer for herself.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer’s marriage is also threatened by a scheming he-devil who wants Girl Actress for himself.
Girl Actress wants to settle down and have children, but doesn’t think that that’s what Boy Singer wants.
Boy Singer wants what they once had, but doesn’t know how to make things better.
The Scheming Duo set up Boy Singer, which results in some cross-country action.
Boy Singer and Girl Actress obviously love each other, but lack of communication is their worst enemy.
Girl Actress and Boy Singer eventually work it out, and live happily ever after!

I liked this book, because it was simple, no werewolves, no vampires, no ménages, no BDSM, no anal, no blowjobs, no aliens, with both sets of sexual organs, no nothing!! It was a very simple love story about one man, and one woman which I was able to read in one sitting, thank God!!!!!