Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Karen And The Tall Guy...

It’s our 6th wedding anniversary today. The time sure has gone quickly.

We just came back from a meal with his parents and his sister. It was Fucking. Hard. Work. His parents are lovely don’t get me wrong, but this is the sister who has no recognisable life of her own, still lives with her parents at the grand old age of 39 (has never lived away from home, even for a day) and has had the same hairstyle since she was at school. I can forgive the whole living with the parents thing, but come on, there’s just no excuse for bad hair for 38 years.

We met them at the restaurant, and because we were a little bit late, (my fault cuz I’d only just gotten back from Birmingham) she was in a mood, and she totally embarassed everybody by slamming TTG’s restaurant choice, and complaining about the food and service, (neither were bad actually). It was obvious that nobody was going to take her to task over her rude manners, so when TTG apologised, I near enough popped a vein. I was about to schitz out, but TTG’s mother nudged her and and told her to be quiet just in time.

I tell ya, if she’d been my sister, I’d have given her a good slap until she lost the attitude. Who needs that kinda shit on your special day? Sheesh.