Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Ramblings And Muchos Gracias To Anne And Rocio…

How the hell did the scum bag papparazzi people who chased Diana, Princess of Wales to her death nine years ago, only get fined one euro? I mean one single effing Euro, what was the fucking point? Justice? I think not.

Also, I heard a very disturbing bit of news on the radio this morning. A fuckwit who’d ploughed into a 3 year old girl, killing her, was today, sentenced to just 12 weeks in prison. What. The. Fuck?
To make matters worse, the arsehole had actually driven off, and left the child to die. And the bloody car was stolen. Scum sucker.

He kills a baby, and he gets three months in prison? If I was the mother I’d be waiting with a machete for him to come out of prison, and mete out my own form of justice. Bastard.

In other news, I see The Donald is in a snit over Martha-I’m-A-Freaking-Liar Stewart’s claim that her show only failed because it was aired so close to his. Trumped up Donald (hehe, see what I did there?) responded by writing her a letter, basically calling her a twat. (OK, so I heavily paraphrased) Hmmm. Get a grip for Oprah’s sakes.

There’s been an interesting celebrity-based debate going on in one of the author groups that I’m part of.
Eve asked the question: Should Jessica Simpson pay Nick Lachey alimony since she was a little nobody when they first met? Apparently, Jessica is worth more than Nick these days.

Personally, I don’t think he should get a red cent, purely because they both had the same opportunities to make money when their reality series “Newly Weds” became a hit. The difference was, Jessica capitalised on her chances, better than Nick did. Tough titties, I say. You may disagree.

I have to say thanks buckets to
Anne, for sending me four books in the post, all the way from Wisconsin. They arrived yesterday, and I squealed like an excited donkey, when I got my grubby hands on Sharon Sala’s Finder’s Keepers, and Lori Foster’s, Jude’s Law. I rarely get freebies (I probably could, but I can never be arsed entering book contests) so anytime anybody sends anything over to me, I’m extremely grateful. Thanks Anne, you’re an effing babe!!

Also, thanks to Rocio for sending me the little gift that came in the post a couple of days ago, I was chuffed to bits, but I’m still not giving you any euros or pounds puta! Thanks hun!