Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Black People Are Less Intelligent Than White People... Apparently

I was listening to the radio in my car today, when I was shocked speechless, by an amazing news story.

Apparently, black people are genetically less intelligent than white people.

OK, just in case you never got that, here it is again.

Black people are genetically less intelligent than white people. The keyword here, being ‘genetically’.

Well, according to a
Leeds University professor anyway.

Now, everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but this fuck-wit has actually been teaching this in his lectures. I wouldn’t mind, but he’s a language professor, who specialises in Russian, which hardly makes him an expert methinks. Daft racist.

Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the actual article as it doesn’t appear to have been flagged up anywhere on the net.

However, on my travels, I did come across an Edinburgh University professor, who shares the same belief.

Chris Brand, who describes himself as a ‘race realist’ and a 'scientific racist', wrote a book called The G Factor, basically theorising that black people are innately less intelligent than white people.

Brands case for the innate inferiority of blacks, rested on the observation that black people consistently tested 15 IQ points below their white counterparts.

The IQ gap between white people, and black people, has been widely debated, discussed, and in some cases, actually proven, but I’m not sure that the results mean that blacks are actually less intelligent than any other race.

I’d like to know, if Mr Brand actually took into consideration the impact that different socio-economic grouping has on education, or lack thereof.

Did he test blacks and whites who had similar upbringings, or did he just simply take a group of black people and a group of white people, whose social paths were at polar ends, and put them into their little boxes, so that the numbers added up? Probably.

I think that it’s a fact of the world that there are far more rich, and well educated white people, than there are blacks. I see it around me everyday of my life.
If you live in the ghetto, and don’t go to school, how the hell are you going to pass an IQ test, let alone outperform the white middle-classes?

How can anybody ignore the relationship between intelligence, and the social context of a person’s life, regardless of colour?

It’s this kind of unpardonable bigotry that gives white people a bad name.

From what I’ve since read about him, this wasn’t the only extremist view that he was happy to share with the world, apparently in one of his newsletters, he claimed that “sexual abuse of children above age 12 and of above average IQ” posed no threat to their well being “particularly when a cash payment is involved”. What planet?

Apparently Chris Brand was relieved of his post shortly after the book was published. I’m all for free speech and all, but honestly, who the fuck let him and that other arsehole out of their cages?