Saturday, July 15, 2006

Erotic Fiction Is One Of The Reasons We Have lost 75% of Our Readers.... Says Author Jill Barnett

I found this author interview at the Book Bitches blog. The author is a lady called Jill Barnett.

One of the questions that she was asked was this:

This was her rather interesting answer:

Is it me, or does she seem to be blaming the loss of romance readers, on the introduction of erotica/erotic romance?

It can’t possibly be because of the constant regurgitation of the same old, same old cookie cutter stories, being churned out by both big name, and midlist authors? Nope, let’s just blame erotic books. That’s the ticket.

I wonder how many erotic romance books she’s actually read? More to the point I wonder if she's lumping erotica in with erotic romance? That comment about little room for voice in erotic stories, struck me as being a little patronising and myopic. I think Emma Holly has an amazing voice, and she writes erotic fiction. Methinks she’s just insulted a whole lotta authors out there, and she doesn’t even know it.

Oh well, it's not like she's a lone voice here, we know there are lots of authors who feel the same way as she does.

I bet she’s Elizabeth Bevarly’s bestest friend. *g*