Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Film Critics and Reviewers, Who Needs 'Em?

I’ve noticed the growing trend of trashing films which are big budget and have huge stars in them. Unless it’s French with subtitles film critics usually gleefully take apart such Hollywood projects.

I still recall watching the much acclaimed 'Amelié' with my husband, and honestly? WTF? That had to be the most boring film I've ever watched.

It strikes me that if a film doesn't have sub-titles, and is not made in some obscure French principality, critics will pan it as "lacklustre", or "lacking soul", or some other bullshit way of saying it's crap.

The fact is, I rarely agree with professional film critics, I feel they have too much of an agenda for me to take them seriously.

I watched Troy, after hearing all the bad reviews it had, knowing full well that in all honesty, I would probably love it, and yep, you guessed it, I did love it. There were some glaring innacuracies, and Helen pissed me off, but overall it was a film worth watching.

I have listed a bunch of critically acclaimed films that I have watched at one time or another, and thought was utter bollocks at the time:

A Room with a view (what an absolutely wank film)
The Aviator (Paul and I gave in and watched it, there are no words for how rubbish this film was)
Monster (WTF?)
The English Patient (Jesus!)
Amadeus (Oh. My. God)
Out of Africa (What was that dodgy South African Accent about?)
The Bridge on The River Kwai (the original version)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (great fighting scenes and very little else)
Braveheart (I did like the kilt wearing Gibson, but not much else)
Raging Bull (seriously, rose tinted spectacles)
The Piano
Lost In Translation (what was the fuss about?)
A Beautiful Mind (yeah, yeah, another tortured eccentric genius, and so what?)
Master and Commander
Gosford Park (what an absolute waste of money)

I'm sure there will be people out there who think that I'm some kind of heathen for not enjoying these films, but quite frankly, I go to the pictures purely for enjoyment purposes, and none of the above films, float my boat.

So what about you?