Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Ramblings And Shameless Link Whoring

Well, myself and the Tall Guy are off to London tonight to have ourselves a very dirty weekend, so this’ll be the last blogging day until Monday.

I’m hoping that Maili will have decided on a layout for her new blog, all the changes are making my eyes water. If she doesn’t, I may be tempted to call her a Scotch. (g)

Whilst on my blog travels, I discovered
this link courtesy of a commentator on the Smart Bitches site.

The reviewer was particularly scathing, but very articulate. I must admit, I pissed myself laughing at the response from the editor at the company that had published the book. This is an excerpt of an e-mail that she sent to Steph (the reviewer).

“Look at yourself. You pride yourself on being a critical bitch, pampered, on a college scholarship that obviously led to nowheresville, you're a failure in life, you judge books not on their merit but on your own prejudicial beliefs, and like a typical liberal you are only tolerant of people who think like you do.
Liberals are the most intolerant people on the planet, all the while "preaching" tolerance. Huh? You picked on Leah's Way solely because your biases predispose you to hate it. That's not a critic, that's a propaganda machine like Goebbels was under Hitler.

The only good news is that people like you, and you specifically, don't matter. You're so inconsequential that it is like you simply don't exist. Don't bother responding. I won't bother reading your response, and you'll have your attention hoping nature's worst nightmare come true--you'll be ignored. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life. You should; you're the only one who cares about it or who will notice.”

Pow! Bang! take that beeotch!! How venomous? I bet some authors wish they could say those kind of things to people who give them bad reviews though. Come on admit it guys, it doesn’t make you a bad person, I would if it was me. (g)

What I don’t get is why the editor bothered asking Steph to review this book in the first place. She’d been warned that the review wouldn’t necessarily be positive, and could in fact be quite scathing, if the reviewer didn’t like it. Sheesh. As the editor, I’m not sure why she even got involved in the catfight, surely this would have been less damaging coming from a reader?

Also, whilst I was doing my daily blog travelling, I came across this courtesy of
LLB’s blog. I was gob-smacked. Some brazen hussy called Janet Dailey (apparently she’s a writer) plagiarised Nora’s work, years ago, and I never knew about it. Mind you, I think it was discovered the year that Princess Diana was murdered, oops sorry, killed in a car accident, so maybe it kinda just missed my scandal radar.

By the way, I’m going to be a bridesmaid for one of my friends, who’s getting married next month (she’s getting married the day before we fly to Florida), her sister sent me a text yesterday asking me if I could come up with some ideas for a hen night (bachelorette party to you crazy Americans out there) her idea was to maybe go to a Greek restaurant in Manchester. Anybody got any better ideas, because I absolutely hate feta cheese. Yech.