Friday, August 05, 2005

Sex and The City: Oh How I Miss Those Gals…

Sex And The City Gals Posted by Picasa

As part of my anniversary present, The Tall Guy bought me the complete Sex and The City DVD set.

I immediately went to the episode where Samantha gets cancer, and Smith shaves his head to show her that he’ll be there for her no matter what, and they go the his premier with her sporting a
Lil’ Kim type pink wig. Happy sigh. I love that episode (even if it had the horrible Russian in it)

Firstly, who would you have preferred Carrie to end up with:

A: Mr Big
B: Aidan
C: The Russian
B: Burger

And secondly, who was your favourite SATC gal?

A: Carrie
B: Samantha
C: Miranda

Personally, I loved the fact that she ended up with Mr Big. I hated Burger and the old Russian with a passion.

My fave gal just has to be Samantha, I loved the way that she was so darned unapologetic about the fact that she loved sex. Plus, she got Smith. (g)