Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another Hollywood May To December Marriage Falls By The Wayside...

Hmmmm, I hear that Sir Ben Kingsley’s (Ghandi) wife had an affair earlier this year.

Apparently he found out when pictures of his wife and her lover were posted on the internet. (Aint technology great?)

Ben’s 61, and his wife is just 30.

Hmmm…. Is anybody really surprised in that case? At 30 you’re still young and full of cum, the last thing you want surely, is to be shackled to an old man, no matter how distinguished he is. The marriage lasted for just two years.

I feel for Ben, but why is he so surprised? I doubt very much that she married him for love. Can we say Gold Digger?

Ben was reported to be devastated and this is what he had to say at the time:

"It's very difficult for a man to learn on the internet that his wife has a boyfriend."

No kidding.