Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's That Time of The Year Again...


So that I too can experience the joys of thanksgiving, I give (conditional) thanks for the following:

For The Tall Guy, as long as he leaves the toilet lid down, if he doesn’t then all bets are off.

For my baby sister, who’s the best (only) sister in the world, but only as long as she understands that it’s as easy to fall in love with a rich guy with a job, as opposed to a poor guy, with a child, and that going out with bad hair is unforgiveable

For the younger of my brothers, as long as he doesn’t give me a computer virus whilst downloading porn, then blatantly lies about it.

For my mother, as long as you understand that siding with the Tall Guy during arguments is just wrong.

For the older of my brothers, as long as you’ve forgiven me for sticking a cotton bud in your ear, and making you bleed profusely, when we were kids. You know, you didn’t really have to grass me up to Daddy for drinking that stuff.

For Ella, my bestest friend, I know you read this blog, so I had to include you.

For Cat, you are truly are a great friend, and I love you loads.

For my other bestest friends, I love you all equally, apart from Fiona, you I don’t love so much since you paid £500 for your teeth to be whitened, and couldn’t be arsed turning up to Ella’s 30th Birthday bash last night.

For David Beckham, as long as he doesn’t go back to wearing his hair in that ridiculous mohican.

And lastly, for being me, because I’m so utterly fabulous darlings! (grin)