Thursday, November 17, 2005

Been Around The Blogs And I, I, I...

I just heard about the Forty Faces website, where apparently bloggers send off photographs of themselves. The photographs of the bloggers show up, whenever they update their blog. Looks interesting. The only face I recognised was Monica Jackson’s.

I noticed that only 5.5 of the forty photographs listed are female (the .5 is because I couldn’t tell the gender of one of the bloggers by their picture. Sorry) I wonder why this is? It’s not like the men up there are good looking or anything. In fact some of them are effing ug... Never mind, I wont say it.

I suspect that VoxEFX’s photograph was taken in the early 1970’s, it has that feel about it. Just looked on his website, and he no longer looks like the ugly version of
Montel Williams, now he looks more like Ice Cube. So yeah, I guess the picture was an old one.

If anybody happens to watch
the Tyra Banks Show, will you tell me how the interview with Naomi ‘Snorts Cocaine Then Lies About It’ Campbell goes please? I believe it airs in the US tomorrow.

There’s a new author on the block called
Bridget Midway. She mostly writes erotic Inter-racial romances, I’ve read excerpts of her stuff and I think she has a good writing voice, and her blurbs sound really interesting. She has a series called Fascination Street coming out in January sometime.

The only draw back is that she’s got the contract for Fascination Street with Venus Press, publishers who have a bad reputation. I wont be spending my money with them because I think the directors may be a little unscrupulous. (Yeah, yeah, my lawyer’s better than yours DT). Do you remember
this scandal?

I hope it doesn’t all end in tears.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the residents of Fascination Street and their dubious activities, click

Girl Genius shares her views on the newest anti-rape device. Not for the faint-hearted or the politically correct.