Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Death of The Strong Black Man and The Black Family Unit...

Apparently today is anti-racism day, but I'm not going to lobby for more tolerance and understanding from non-blacks, instead my post will focus inside the black community itself.

I’ve often wondered why a lot of black males don’t seem to have the same sense of family values and responsibility that males of other creed do.

What is it about the black man that makes him think that looking after his family is a fate worse than death?

Why do a lot of black men feel the need to impregnate ten different women, and then refuse to take responsibility for their actions?

This isn't to say men of other cultures don't have the same issues, but somehow, it seems more prevalent amongst our black men.

In my little town, I see it every day. Black teenage girls pushing their babies around in prams, when they should be studying for their GCSE’s. When you ask them where the father of the child is, nine times out of ten, they don’t know.

I get really mad when I see these young teenage black girls, pushing their babies around, especially when they are little more than babies themselves. I feel that it’s just such a waste of their lives.

This phenomenon is not only restricted to teenage girls and boys though, oh no, mature black men seem to be just as bad. A lot of them seem to have the same problem with commitment and responsibility. They’ll shell out thousands for a top of the range ride, but will begrudge every penny they have to pay for their child.

Where does this attitude originate from? Who can we blame?

I’m bold enough to say that a lot of the problems that we have as black people, in the here and now, are generally caused by the actions of young black men. This is certainly true in a lot of British towns and cities.

In turn, a lot of the blame for their bad behaviour can be firmly laid at the door of their mothers. As
Trixie points out, we can’t blame the fathers, because a lot of the time, they’re nowhere to be seen.

We could always blame racism and societal stereo-types that pigeon-hole our black men, thus causing them to live up to the low expectations, but that just wouldn't be right would it? A lot of Asian and Hispanic men manage to look after their families, so why can't more of ours do the same?

As long as black mothers keep burying their head in the sand when it comes to their male off-springs, they will continue to under-achieve, they will continue to make babies without taking responsibility, they will continue to refuse to protect their women sexually, thus creating the ever decreasing circle that is the strong black family unit.