Sunday, January 15, 2006

Episode One: What's That Crazy Bitch Up To Now?

I decided to re-join Afroerotik under a different name, just because I could.

Every now and again (especially when I have nothing interesting to write about) I’m going to post random rants from
that crazy group owner.

Today’s random rant is brought to you by the letters B, I, T, C and H, and by the numbers 6,6, 6. *g*

Afroerotika gives us her thoughts on marriage:

"Marriage is not only dead, rigor mortis has set in, its been embalmed, buried and mummified.

I can't get over how dysfunctional, diseased, and distorted people are, how fucked up society is, and we're holding on to some notion of an institution that has it's very foundation built on the oppression of women.

I think humanity is dead. People are so steeped in their own dysfunction with no desire to change. Men objectify women, are passive agressive, manipulative, emotionally immature. Women are materialistic, get their sense of value from their beauty, have relinquished morality for money.

No one is willing to look at themselves and see where they are flawed. Everyone demands perfection in their partners without looking at themselves and their own pathologies. We are holding on to belief systems that are assinine.

We are validating belief systems that are detrimental to our mental and psychological health. For every single person reading this that says, "yeah, people are like that," are the very same people that have no clue how absolutely dysfunctional they really are. I can't even cry any more tears for marriage. It's so cold and in the ground it's pathetic."

Does anybody else get the feeling that she’s desperate to get married? *g*