Thursday, April 27, 2006

Sex And The Clitty...

Don't bother reading on if you're easily offended, because you probably will be. Offended that is.

I’ve decided that I’m not overly fond of the term ‘eating out’.

No, I don’t mean, as in going to a restaurant. Indeed, I am actually talking about the sexual act.

The Tall Guy and I discussed this last night, and he disagrees with me. He kinda likes it. The perve.

I’ve always suspected that ‘eating out’ is a term that a man must have invented. Every time I read it in a book, it kinda takes me out of the story, and I find that I end up squeezing my legs together, and not in a good way either.

I think my problem with its usage, is that it reminds me too much of how The Tall Guy some men like to spend hours down there, kinda like they’re having a five course meal. Some days a gal only wants a starter, especially when she already went ahead and had the main course. Know what I mean?

I told TTG that I thought it was quite a vulgar term, even for me. His answer was that it beat using ‘muff diving’, or ‘minge-eating’.

Who says romance is dead?