Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jane, You Are A Bad, Bad Reviewer: Signed A.N Author...

There’s nothing guaranteed to piss me off more than this kind of reaction to a review:

The one comment here that made my eyes bleed was the bullshit about posting negative comments publicly. She’s acknowledged that everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but quite frankly, this is negated by her first ridiculous statement.

How many times do we have to have this debate?

As my regulars know, I don’t write reviews for authors, I write them for other readers. As far as I can gather, the girls at
Dear Author, do much the same thing.

Yes, it’s great that the author came over to defend a friend of hers, but seriously, what was writing something as assholic as “and what a shame you feel the need to post your negative opinions/remarks like this so publicly” going to achieve? Seriously?

The funny thing is, Jane’s review of the book, intrigued me enough to want to read it myself, in a way that some B graded reviews have failed to do. For Oprah's sake, I even put the damn book on my Amazon Wishlist.

Let me remind you what Susan Elizabeth Phillips and JAK had to say, on the subject of negative reviews:

If you want truly negative reviews, go read some of the D reviews at AAR, then go complain to Laurie Gold, that they shouldn't have been posted publicly. Sheesh.